Demon from hell

         First time I saw him when I was watching TV.  It was a band Dimmu Borgir. I did not know what but something changed inside my body. That clip was so exciting and breathtaking.

         His nickname is Shagrath, he is an Norwegian black metal musician the vocalist of  Dimmu Borgir. I was stunned by his appearance. He was normal height with slender body. His face was oval with shoulder-length straight black hair and a goatee. His dark eyes were full of fire, passion and thrilling motives. His face as usually was painted in white with black lines. His clothes seemed very brutal and violent because of his black leather pants and jacket, elbows full of spikes that were usual for all black metal bands and their members.

         His character reminded me a very obsessive person. His obsession was spiteful and malicious and included anti-Christian reasons because he usually wore inverted crucifix of Christ , demonic possession as in the clip he can either summons something or burns in fire. Also he was an aggressive person with thrilling voice that often screamed.




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