Perfect woman

I met her when I was busy with work amid all the bustle of the office worms. As usually happens in large companies work a lot of people and you do not pay attention to them. But this girl impressed me with its queer naturalness. She was an unremarkable mouse that was not particularly following the fashion and wearing what she wanted, what distinguished her from others. Meek sight lost within office fashion models and greedy authoritative men, as I was. She was so awkward and at the same time so graceful, that was giving her silhouette a special shine. But when you come closer to this girl, you see a slightly disheveled hair and goofy eyes with a snub nose. And you do not know how this creation could work here. But it was a passionate, imaginative and creative person. I’ll tell you the reason. The most striking thing is that when she smiles and you see her uneven teeth, it is so nice that you want to smile back. Her charm had no limits. It was one of her main weapons. She was as if a magnet that attracts attention immediately and you already can not forget her. Her bulging forehead with wrinkles showed that she was obstinate and determined person.  Wrinkles around the eyes showed us that this was a cheerful person who had a wide sincere smile. Her little snub nose gave her a curious look. In general, at first sight, she came across as slob. But speaking to her you realize that this is a temperamental girl. Her movements are emotional and when you look into her eyes, you see that she is shrewd, cunning and insidious. She said almost nothing, but every word encouraged the desire to learn more about her. A lot of questions appeared in my head: what an amazingly strange person who attracts you? Although in fact she did nothing. She didn’t have to. Her a little bit ugly face and slightly clumsy actions made ​​her unbearably charming. After all, when she smiled, she literally dragged out into her world. And you was following her, the smell of her disheveled, but soft and silky hair. Both the light and dark sides were inside her. But she knew when to show them. The intrigue was her passion. Imagination was her middle name. It was clear because of her legend (story), which she was creating around her image. And  that is why this angel and  demon in the flesh attracted my attention, a rational, self-confident man with his head up and vanity.



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