My cat

He comes across as an arrogant, vain and egocentric person but once you get to know him, he is an understanding, gentle and open-hearted person; the thing that strikes you about Yura is that his appearance and his inner life are completely different.

   A wide-shouldered, muscular figure of an adult man and a cute face of a boy, with large blue eyes, long eyelashes, plump cheeks and a chin with a cleft. His hair is a white snowflake and his hair is a messy haystack. He has puffy lips, perfectly white even teeth and…a disarming smile. This smile made me fall in love with him.

   His love is a lemon – either bitter or sweet. This man loves you in a crazy way or hate you in the same way. Tertium non datur. His voice sounds like a purr of a cat. While there is power of a lion in his hands. Yura is passionate, but not hot-blooded; brave, but not self-assured. My man is possessive and stubborn. He is an extrovert, but at the same time he has a deep mental world, his inner life that this person opens only to the small amount of people.



6 thoughts on “My cat

  1. I wasn’t surprised when I saw his photo, but anyway it’s a good choice to describe somebody. Just a simple story about simple young man.

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