Even now I remember the first day I saw her… She was tall, with jet-black hair and hazel eyes. She wore black clothing. Her dark eyes were fool of sadness and arrogance. Her pale skin looked like white snow on the ground. I started to ask myself. Was she a goth? Or fan of “Men in Black” and “The Addams family”? Should I be afraid of her? She can be perilous. Anyway she had a look of a psycho. While I was enjoying my first lunch at my new school, she came and sat next to me.  The first and the last thought in my head was “Yes. This is it. Loving daughter and sister.”
-I’m Jenny. And you are…? – she asked with a smile but without emotions in her eyes.

-Lillian. I answered. It seemed that my name stuck in my throat. Yeah, I was shy at my sixteen.
-Oh, a new one. Then see you.

And she went with her proud walk like a president. She was a president. Somehow she was a monitor in my new class. My classmates told me that she was a gentle, understanding and tolerant person. Everybody loved her. I couldn’t believe it. In the evening I couldn’t understand how it was possible that such a gloomy and arrogant person can be the head of the class!

The next day when I was eating my hamburger, the girl in green dress with a sincere smile and friendly eyes approached me and wished me to have a tasty lunch. I thanked her. I wondered if we knew each other. As I found out it was the same Jenny. I was appalled. It was another girl with another look, smile, and clothing! Even her cheeks became rosy. She explained that her fish Gugi had died. That’s why she had worn black the previous day. Since then a lot of time has passed. More than 20 years but we still communicate with each other.
Now I am telling this story to my children to explain to them how it is important to look good at the initial meetings.




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