Eccentric Nick

Nick came across as a scapegrace. The fourteen-year-old boy, he had a penchant for adventure and showing off. Blessed with an active imagination, Nick dreamt to be a noble robber such as Robin Hood or a pirate. He had mischievous eyes and freckled face with protruding ears which look like two large cabbage leaves. Despite these small defects, he was successful among girls. Nick was humble to his clothes and may look like a tramp dressing a torn hat and trousers of doubtful tidiness.

Constantly getting into mischief, he missed his school and would rather go swimming than tend to his Saturday school lessons.

Once Nick’s mother decided to go for Nick after lessons. To her surprise, a teacher said that Nick did not attend classes on Saturday at all. Having returned home, the mother asked Nick how a day at school was. Nick pretended that he was very tired and he wanted to have a rest. However, Nick’s mother saw that his shirt was stained and his face was dirty. She was waiting for explanations. Trying to explain this misunderstanding, Nick told his mother that a school guard dog died so he helped a watchman to dig a pit and bury it. After this lie, Nick went to school every day including Saturday.

However, Nick was extremely clever and well-balanced. He possessed an incredible insight into human nature. Also, Nick was incredibly tender and considerate to homeless animals.

Nick had a dream to build a huge house for all homeless animals and look after them. His dream came true. At present time he is a prosperous vet in his own veterinary hospital.



5 thoughts on “Eccentric Nick

    • In my childhood I dreamt to be a teacher. Moreover, I imagined that I was a teacher and my friends – pupils. I taught them, give assigments, explained some rules. It was really funnily..

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