An enigmatic pirate

I got acquainted with this character some years ago. The thing that strikes me about him is that he is very handsome and unusual. You see him and at once you want to understand what person he is infact and what kind of character he has.

His big dark hazel eyes like a real resin, his eyelashes are very long and thick, his nose is long and broad, lips are puffy and pink, teeth are even and strong. He has tanned, oily skin. This man has a moustache and a beard which is braided into two small plaits. His hair is chestnut, short and tangled. His body is athletic enough for him to make different stunts. He is slender and well-built, his shoulders are broad. His usual posture is with straight back and with the head up like he is a real king.

His character and his actions depend on the situation. Sometimes he is outgoing, frank, self-confident, boastful, but he can also be critical, obstinate, selfish and insincere. He loves money and his ship very much. He thinks that he is the best of all and he is unique. This man never thinks about his life and life of his friends. In some situations he simply runs away from his enemies to save his skin. At the same time he is brave and adventurous.

To crown it all, I think this person is really awesome and unique. You like him immediately, because he absorbs our attention with his unusual traits of the character and specificsense of humor.



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