My Favorite Genius Mike Patton

He comes across as an ordinary musician of famous rock band. But once I get to know he turned out very eccentric and crazy guy. Thus Mike was very talented and unpredictable person. That’s why he interested me and became my favorite musician. The thing that strikes me about him is heterogeneity and originality. Besides he has an unusual charisma and strongly marked body language. His shrewd look sometimes drives me out of my head. Although Mike is an American he looks like Italian, because Patton has black hair and beard. The man usually wears suit and it`s one thing we are similar.  At the concert he behaves like a peg-top. A really mad energy comes from him. When man appears on the stage a storm breaks down. He is not like others and it`s the main feature I like. You never know what to expect from him. Shocking is a usual thing for this guy, but only on the stage. In real life he is keeps calm until he smoke something. This guy is also thick-skinned cause he doesn`t care what people say about him and I think it`s right. Mike is temperamental and vivacious person and sometimes I wonder about it and really doubt that coffee is only thing he likes to drink. So I hope in the near future I will be able to go to his concert. Mike is also one of those people who have a big influence on me in a manner of dress and body language. ImageImageImage



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