My dream that came true

It was a summer evening. I was waiting for my friend Julia in the park. It was her birthday, we had planned a great knees-up. Although we had a small company, only Julia, two her friends and me, the evening was going to be fun. I was up in the clouds, suddenly, handsome brunet came across. He could not draw my attention, to say that he was the ideal is to say nothing. He was tall and broad-shouldered man, with shrewd grey eyes. His eyes were fiery and cold at the same time. Still then, the stranger drove me crazy. My friend came up suddenly, and passionate brunet disappeared into the crowd.
We decided to go to our favorite coffee house, where her friends had been already waiting for us. Having crossed the threshold of the building, I felt the familiar thrill of the heart. My heartthrob was sitting next to me and smiling sincerely. He was the guy who managed to conquer my heart. I was stunned by his beauty. His silky black hair was in harmony with sparkling grey eyes. His hands were strong and accurate at the same time. An athletic body and a snow-white radiant smile drove me crazy. It was the love at first sight. Since that time, we have never parted.
He still fills my life with positive and pleasure. The thing that strikes me about him is that he not only looks stunning, but also has a rich inner world. He is strong-willed and self-confident, it helps him to gain his aim and be successful in life. In some strange way, he managed to combine contrasting features in his character. Christian is self-assured and well-balanced in business, but, at the same time, he is passionate, considerate and affectionate with me. I have been dreaming of a meeting such a man for a long. He’s a strong and self-sufficient person and it makes me feel more confident. We rarely quarrel because he is understanding and sincere with me. I also avoid hypocrisy in communication with Chris.
I thank God for that wonderful day when we met each other. It was not just my friend’s birthday, but also the birthday of pure and sincere love. I hope that our love will last forever. He is an incorrigible rebel who makes every day special for me.


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